Beauty treatments
You know you don’t need a special reason to enjoy beauty treatments at our holistic treatment centre.
Beauty products
Without leading beauty products and the knowledge to use them properly, you’ll always end up feeling second best.
Facial treatments
Solution focused hypnotherapy is not just about hypnosis; it can help with a wide range of conditions that are emotional in origin.

Our philosophy

We aim to offer first class treatments to the highest possible standard at affordable prices.
Founded in 2002, the Treatment Rooms is where you will experience a professional caring service.  We have built our reputation over many years by our total confidentiality, commitment  and friendliness to our clients.

Here at the Treatment Rooms we are a well established beauty salon with a convenient location near to Bristol city centre.  Our team of qualified and well grounded professional therapists are committed to ensuring that you feel welcome and comfortable.
We are an beauty salon specialising in professional beauty treatments welcoming both men and women.