Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi permanent makeup is a proven cosmetic technique that enables a skilled professional practitioner to create designs on the skin to resemble makeup, cover blemishes or recreate natural features.
Despite being referred to as cosmetic tattooing, this treatment is a valuable technique for enhancing natural looks or building confidence – the cosmetic tattoo is only a very distant relative of normal tattooing.

Understanding the terminology

This treatment is referred to in several ways, some of which appear contradictory. The terms you might see, all referring to the same treatment, include these:

Semi-permanent makeup

Semi-permanent makeup (e.g. ‘semi permanent eyebrow makeup’)


Semi-permanent cosmetics

Semi-permanent tattoos

Semi permanent cosmetics

Semi-permanent cosmetic makeup

With the terminology clarified, let’s look at the technique’s uses and benefits.


What is Semi Permanent Makeup?

The technique relies on a highly-trained practitioner’s skilled use of precision needles and advanced skin pigments to colour the upper layer of the skin (the dermis). These pigments are ‘permanent’ compared to normal cosmetics – but semi-permanent in that, as the skin gradually replaces itself, they’ll fade over several years.

Why use this technique?

Sometimes, for many reasons, eyebrows, eyes, lips and other features benefit from ‘replacement’ or accentuation. Perhaps eyebrows have become sparse through over-tweezing, or have completely disappeared due to alopecia areata (AA)?
In these situations, semi-permanent makeup for the eyebrows could be the answer. Or maybe your eyes would benefit from the enhanced definition of semi-permanent eye makeup – or perhaps your lip shape (semi-permanent lip makeup)? In each case, just two visits to our conveniently located Bristol salon can make a huge difference. Each visit takes a couple of hours – the benefit lasts for years.

The application of semi-permanent makeup is now widespread in UK salons with appropriate training and local authority registration (which we have). Please contact us for your initial consultation about the technique and its benefits. We’re sure you’ll be amazed by the possibilities.

Lip liner2 treatments£332
Eyebrows2 treatments£301
Eyeliner2 treatments£301
Additional colour (each)from£10
Top upfrom£10