Hot Stone Massage

Imagine the sensation of smooth, hot stones on your skin, either alone or combined with other therapies as a luxurious hot stone massage. Just imagining those hot stones on your body should start your relaxation; the reality of our hot stones therapy is infinitely more enjoyable.

How hot stone massage works

The theory behind hot stone therapy is that heated stones (up to 55°F) can elicit the following benefits:

  • physical healing
  • mental calmness
  • spiritual connection to the earth’s energy
  • improved circulation
  • soothing deep tissue therapy

Used with other massages, the stones deliver a wonderfully restorative experience. Have you experienced hot stones massage yet?

Back, Face & Scalp Treatment with Hot StonesPowerful deep cleansing back exfoliation followed by a hot stone back massage, then a Eve Taylor prescriptive facial including a scalp massage1hr 30 min£77.50
Holistic Back Neck & Scalp Treatment with Hot Stone TherapyInvigorating skin brush on the back followed by a salt scrub application, then a hot stone back massage to ease all the muscle tension, finishing with a scalp massage. 55 min£51.00
Holistic Total Body Aromatherapy with Hot StonesPure relaxation! Starting with a full body skin brush and salt scrub, including a facial cleanse and exfoliation; then going into a full body aromatherapy massage using hot stones, finishing with a scalp massage for complete head to toe pampering.1hr 45min
Hot Stone back, neck & Shoulder massageworking all over the lower and upper back to work out your tension using hot stones30 min£40.00
Hot Stone full body massageWorking all over the body using hot stones1hr £65.00

What should I expect from my treatment?

First, your therapist will gently place warmed stones on your body to rebalance your energy and provide physical and mental therapy. The stones can also be used to mark places identified for localised trigger-point treatment. Depending on your chosen therapy, enjoy the following combined hot stones therapy and massage

Back, Face & Scalp Treatment with Hot Stones

Starting with an invigorating salt scrub on the back then going into a  relaxing back, neck & shoulder massage using hot stones. Next you will have a full prescribed Eve Taylor aromatherapy facial which will include a scalp massage when the mask is on.

Holistic Total Body Aromatherapy with Hot Stones

This is where massage stones meet the gorgeous aromas of essential oils in the ultimate 120-minute relaxation experience. Your treatment begins with full-body skin brushing and exfoliation to prepare your skin, leaving it delightfully soft and smooth. Next comes a body, face and scalp massage, using hot stones on vital energy points and a blend of carefully selected essential oils. This truly holistic experience brings harmony to mind and body – the perfect antidote to the rigours of modern life.

Holistic Back Neck & Scalp Treatment with Hot Stone Therapy

An indulgent back treatment beginning with a deep cleansing back exfoliation followed by a Hot Stone and aromatic oil massage bringing powerful de-stressing benefits to mind and body. Hot Stones are placed along the spine, shoulders and the neck stimulating and balancing vital energy points. Finishing with a truly relaxing scalp massage.

Experience the power of hot stone massage

If you’ve ever experienced the magic of hot stone massage, you’ll understand our excitement. And if you haven’t? There’s never been a better time to reconnect with Mother Earth, harness the power of hot stones for massage, and escape into an hour or two of sheer bliss.

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