Guinot  Treatments

Endowed with 40 years of experience in beauty care, Guinot has been able to observe that the effectiveness of a one-hour beauty treatment is incomparably more effective than merely applying cream or a serum.

It is thus, to the great benefit of women, that Guinot has entrusted its exclusive beauty care methods to beauty therapists, with treatments being administered within an exclusive network of beauty salons.

Guinot, an eco-friendly company, aims to respect the environment not only in its formulation and production methods, but also in the active ingredients and packaging it chooses to use.

Hydradermie Facial

The facial uses the Hydraderm machine (unique to Guinot), manual massage and bespoke plant-based extracts to restore the skin`s natural beauty. After analysing the clients skin, the Guinot skincare expert customises the products used in the facial to treat normal/dry, sensitive, oily, mature or hyper pigmentated skin. Once the skin is cleansed and gently exfoliated, the beauty therapist applies the carefully selected gels and uses mild galvanic current to help the active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin to remove impurities and toxins. High frequency action is then used to oxygenate and boost cells before a massage and a customised mask. A touch of moisturiser for the eye contour, face and neck concludes the treatment.

Hydradermie 2A superior facial with an international reputation.
A monthly deep cleansing, regenerating Hydradermie facial will keep your skin in optimum condition. The therapist will customise the treatment to suit your skin type: de-hydrated, mature, oily, sensitive or pigmented.
1 hour £60.00
Newhite HydradermieThis Facial is concentrating on concerns of pigmentation, and dark spots, and brightening the skin.1hour£58.00
Soliel HydradermieThis facial is the perfect solution to post/pre holiday. We shall prep your skin for your holiday and then help maintain beautifully sun kissed skin 1 hour£58.00
Eye liftThe Eye Contour Treatment.
This unique treatment reduces signs of ageing and fatigue in the eye contour area. The combination of exclusive eye massage techniques and muscle stimulation using micro currents works to visibly lift, tone, aid drainage and boost microcirculation. An intensive eye mask infused with active ingredients leave the eyes looking more radiant and youthful.

40 Minutes£48.00
Age Logic FacialA deluxe facial treatment.
A Hydradermie facial with added firming and toning serums to revitalise the skin. This treatment focuses on the eye area, face, neck and decollete and includes a pressure point eye massage and a luxurious Serenity Massage (unique to Guinot) with relaxing essential oils.
1 hour 15 minutes£78.00

Manual Facial Treatments

The hands-on touch for the ultimate in client comfort and care.

AromaticA relaxing aromatherapy facial.
Relax and unwind with a tension-reducing massage and a customised combination of plant extracts and essential oils to suit your skin`s needs. This utterly relaxing aromatherapy facial balances the skin, softens fine lines, restores radiance, lifts your senses and instils an overal feeling of well-being.
50 Minutes£48.00
Hydra PeelingThis manual facial is the perfect pick me up after summer!
Its helps to renew and repair the skin with no downtime needed!
This facial is an alternative to aesthetic medicine to help:
Erase visible signs of ageing,
Recover a radiant complexion,
Attenuate dark spots,
Brighten skin tone
45 Minutes£65
LiftosomeEnergising, hands-on anti-ageing facial.
The Liftosome facial has been specifically developed to treat the problems associated with mature skins. Based on the use of orange extract, ginseng and collagen, this stimulating thermal facial regenerates and energises, leaving skin firmed and radiant. Guinot recommends a course of two treatments over two successive weeks.
50 Minutes£52.00
Age SummumUltimate manual anti-ageing facial. 50 Minutes£70.00
Lift SummumAn Exclusive skincare method that provides global firming action and immediately attenuates signs of fatigue and ageing in the face, neck and decollete. 50 Minutes£74.00

Hydradermie Lift Treatments

This specialised anti-ageing treatment gives immediate and long-lasting visible results that improve the skin`s appearance. Designed for skin that shows a loss of elasticity, it treats both the skin and delicate facial muscles for an immediate `lift` and overall boost in radiance. Hydradermie Lift uses lymph drainage and a safe effective microcurrent to eliminate toxins, improve skin tone and work on the underlying muscle structure to `lift` and firm the face, eye area and neck. Hydradermie Lift is suitable for all skin types (30+).

Hydradermie Lift ExpressHigh-tech lifting treatment.
This “work out” for the face and neck creates a lifting effect in just a 30 minute by toning the complexion, smoothing wrinkles and lifting the facial contours.
30 minutes£48.00
Hydradermie LiftSpecial offer:
6 treatments plus 1 complimentary £318
10 treatments plus 2 complimentary £530
1 Hour£62.00


Ultimate Treatment Combinations

Hydradermie Lift Express may be performed in conjunction with other Guinot facials. These combinations are recommended at the same frequency as Hydradermie, Hydradermie Plus or Liftosome treatments.

Hydradermie Lift DeluxeThe ultimate anti-ageing facial
Hydradermie Plus and Hydradermie Lift Express
1 hour 30 minutes £101