If excess hair is getting you down, safe, modern permanent hair removal (generally meaning long-lasting hair removal for our purposes) can make a big difference to your lifestyle and self-image. At Bristol’s Treatment Rooms, we’re perfectly equipped to help you with the following:

  • Body hair removal
  • Face hair removal
  • Back hair removal

Free yourself from those daily hair removal rituals

If unwanted hair is causing you anxiety, embarrassment, or just the hassle of regular shaving and application of hair removal creams, our trained therapists have the experience and technology to tailor a solution that will suit you perfectly. It’s true; you really can be free from the time-consuming and inconvenient daily rituals of shaving, waxing and that oh-so-painful plucking. Talk to us in confidence for a solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

Gain new confidence with permanent hair removal

Whilst no treatment is 100 per cent effective on all clients, many people can gain confidence from long-term or permanent hair removal. With the latest techniques, and discreet professional support, we can make a huge difference and boost your confidence.
Proven hair removal methods include electrolysis and IPL/lasers. As you would expect, we use several different hair removal treatments. In IPL/laser treatment, many clients enjoy the benefits of permanent hair removal that’s safe, simple and suitable for many different hair and skin types.

One of the most comfortable treatments

Pain-Free, Hair-Free has been described as one of the most comfortable hair removal treatments you can have (likened by some to a hot stone massage) – don’t take our word for it; try it yourself. The treatment is powerful, versatile and fast and works by gradually heating the hair follicles in the skin’s subdermal layer to halt production of new hair.
Whether it’s hair removal for men, or female hair removal, we can help you. Don’t let excessive hair rule your life any longer; call now to arrange your personal permanent hair removal consultation.

IMPORTANT: see the following extracted from:

The only technicians entitled to stake a claim to permanent hair removal are electrologists, as no laser has yet demonstrated permanency of results. However, a long lasting reduction of hair coverage is easily achievable using various forms of laser treatment.

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